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Aside from the environmental consideration of which we should all be concerned, a regular leak check and good maintenance is cost effective and will save you money, not just from less breakdowns but there is a substantial energy saving to be had by having your refrigeration system running at optimum condition. We are more than happy to meet on site / your office to discuss how we can help in any refrigeration project and Whatever you Refrigeration or Freezer problem we welcome the opportunity to help Email us:   refrigeration@fenmoormountain.co.uk .

We are Refrigeration  engineers, City and Guilds, Citb and F Gas  registered, Qualified to work on Mobile

(Automotive), Commercial and Domestic refrigeration equipment of any size . We work mobile from our

base just outside Bodmin Cornwall . By investing in the latest training and using the best equipment we

 offer a personal, affordable, efficient and quality Refrigeration  engineering  service.

Air Conditioning

We fit, maintain, service,repair and remove all makes of split  and cassete type air conditioning System. With many units now coming to the end of thier life particularly with the more stringent regulations concerning refrigerant use we will be pleased to inspect and advise on any unit  or requirement you have.

We also offer

A broad spectrum of services. In its simplest form that can be just advice but we also offer  Inspection, Leak checking, Installation ,commissioning and the maintenance and  repair of refrigerant plant. If the plant is redundant then we can also decommission safely and ensure that refrigerants are disposed of in the appropriate manner and in accordance with the current regulation.  Our base premises are site registered with the environment agency and we  offer a fully documented, legislation compliant  audit trail.Whatever your enquiry whether that be your domestic freezer, your car air conditioning, your heat pump or your main refrigeration plant  you are assured our  speedy, polite,  informed  and efficient service

Refrigeration Log Books

Whilst smaller domestic installations tend to be exempt it is a requirement that larger systems are leak tested and tested on a regular basis.. The schedule for this is  now complicated by the  Ozone depleting potential of the refrigerants used so a system needs checking to ascertain the schedule. If you have never had your system checked or do not possess log books then we can inspect and produce a new set to  ensure compliance from the date we look at your system  
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